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I had recently suffered injury from a motor accident where I came off my motorbike. I had benefited from previous sessions in the past. There were issues needing to be addressed as part of my recovery. It has been 4 weeks and my knee pain was 8 to 9/10 making it challenging to dress and wear shoes as well as climbing up and down steps. I made this known to my therapist Toni, who offered to try reconnective healing for me. I am willing to try anything because being incapacitated has left me feeling hopeless and helpless these past 4 weeks. After a brief moment of this, my knee felt a sensation like a slight throb and pulling on the inside. After that subsided 15mins later I was able to walk with a pain level of 4 to 5/10. This was most remarkable. This was the first time ever experiencing such a unique method of healing. I am very glad and grateful Toni was able to try this for me. It has given me better mobility and pain management for me to cope with the physical demands of my hydrotherapy. Thank You. Highly recommended!

Hi Toni i just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so good at what you do. I haven't looked back and have now lost 10kgs! Still a long way to go but i have no desire to overeat or eat junk!! I can't believe it! I feel free and my shoulder pain is pretty much gone!! I might come in for another session in a few weeks. I am recommending you to everyone who has an addiction! Many thanks.

Celine W


Anyone with chronic anxiety depression or wanting to give up smoking should see Toni. She has helped me in so many ways. I strongly recommend.

About to go in for my last hypnotherapy session to help quit ciggys. As a pack of 30 a day smoker (sometimes more on the piss) it's an expensive habit to have not to mention a s# one and if anyone was a skeptic I was for sure. Proud to say I've now been a full week without smoking and I reckon this time I'm not going back. So if anyone wants to stop smoking ciggys or eats too much chocolate lol I highly recommend it. Onwards and upwards.



I've waited 4 weeks since giving up smoking to put anything up because I wanted other people to feel as convinced as I did from my first appointment. My sessions with Toni made this process SO much easier. Four weeks today and I've not had a single drag of a cigarette! Its still been tough at times but I really feel that going to see Toni is what made the difference in my ability to stay strong. If you're considering hypnotherapy to help you with something you're finding really difficult then I cant recommend Toni highly enough! Thank you Toni!!!!

I had hypnosis for reducing/eliminating my big sugar intake from sweet foods & drinks. I have successfully & easily reduced it almost completely & I have changed the old automatic habits. I had always chosen a cake over healthy food since I was young and now I'm not. I'm very happy with the results & would highly recommend Toni. Thanks Toni.

Emma T


Amazing experience with very personal and miraculous results!! Nothing to lose people have a try! Toni is awesome too

Toni is warm, caring and compassionate. If you've ever contemplated having hypnotherapy I highly recommend Toni - she has helped me to overcome personal issues and manage life in a Different mind set. Even if you need to just clear your mind, this is the place to go. Gratitude.



I am a non smoker! With the help from Toni Skender giving me hypnosis. I've had 3 sessions since last Friday. I was smoking 30 a day. Now I've had 6 in the last 7 days. Im proud of myself. Thanks heaps Toni.

Just an update, my cuticles look amazing I very rarely put my fingers in my mouth now. After 15 years of trying I'm absolutely amazed. Thank you so much.



My very first time trying hypnotherapy. I highly recommend it to enhance clarity of mind. It helps purge unproductive thoughts and behaviours whilst cultivating better habits. In every session, I gained a calm perspective. I am very grateful to have beneficial results and would like to thank Toni for sharing her gift, talent and experience. Reset... reboot and rediscover a better version of ourselves with Hypnotherapy.

I cannot recommend Toni enough.. I have been going to her for a few years now and I have noticed such a difference in my anxiety and eating habits. I’ve had amazing results working with Toni and I cannot thank her enough for all of her help! She’s been absolutely wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone thinking about getting a hypnosis session to help with bad habits!


Emma B

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